Custom Fields

TruePlan admins have the ability to create their own custom fields that will be visible on the request flow, the approval flow, and the headcount ledger.


In addition to the Form Fields that are available out of the box with TruePlan, Admins are now able to create their own custom fields to help with their headcount planning processes. 

There are four different types of fields: text, number, single select, and multi-select. Please note that these fields do not and will not sync with your HRIS; all of the data in these fields will be contained to TruePlan only. 

To create your own custom fields, navigate to App Settings > Custom Fields, then click "Create Field" to get started.

For each field type (text, number, single select, multi-select) you will be asked to give the field a name, and select if it is required, optional or unused. These Visibility setting will determine whether or not owners/hiring managers must fill in this field before submitting their request or if it's merely optional. 

Text and numbers fields only require a name and visibility setting during setup. For single- and multi-select fields, you will also need to input the options that users will be able to select from. You'll enter these into the system by typing the option into the field and hitting 'enter' on your keyboard. 

If you create a field that you no longer need, you can remove it by clicking the red trash can icon to the right of the field information. 

Once you've finished creating your custom fields, there is no need to save - your fields will be applied to your request flow and headcount ledger automatically. 


Custom Fields FAQs:

  • What happens when a single- or multi-select option is removed from settings, but it's already been applied to requests/approved hires/employees?
    • If an option is removed from settings, it will simply disappear from all of the requests/approved hires/employees that it's been applied to. 
  • Is there a character limit on the free text fields? 
    • There is no character limit. You can write as much as you need to!
  • Is there a limit to how many options there are for single- and multi-select fields?
    • There is no limit - you can enter unlimited options. 
  • Who can view these fields?
    • These fields are viewable by everyone with access to TruePlan. Only admins are able to edit them from the ledger.
  • Are they editable for employees?
    • Yes! Unlike other employee-fields, custom fields are editable on the ledger, by admins, for current employees. This is because the fields live only in TruePlan and do not push or pull from your HRIS.
  • Are these fields included in the CSV export of the headcount ledger?
    • Yes they are. For that reason, we recommend that if you're currently using the justification template for requests, you replace it with custom fields. 
  • Can you use the same column header more than once?
    • No you can't. If you try, you will be given an error message saying that that column header is already in use.